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5 Signs It’s Time to Call a Greater Boston Tree Service

August 7, 2020

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Calling a Greater Boston tree service is an excellent choice for ensuring trees are always in good condition and not a danger to your house or other property. A Boston arborist might note signs of disease or decay and offer personalized suggestions for restoring that tree to good health, or note if it’s time to schedule tree removal instead.

If you’re a new homeowner or have never called a Greater Boston tree service before, you might note some suggestions for when it’s time to call a tree trimming or removing professional. Note, too, that you can always discuss your questions and concerns with them as well, so you know typical signs of dead and diseased trees and get some suggestions for keeping your trees healthy and strong!

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1. Call a Boston Tree Service at Signs of Infection

As with humans, trees can suffer infections along their trunk and branches! Signs of infection include deep splits in tree bark, lots of misshapen or oddly colored leaves, soft wood that crumbles easily to the touch, and fungi growing along the bark.

In some cases a Boston arborist can treat that infection and restore the tree to good health. Removing affected branches and applying chemicals might allow that tree to grow strong and healthy again. In other cases, however, your arborist might recommend tree removal services in Boston instead.

2. Know the Signs of Infestation and Needed Tree Removal in Boston

Trees might withstand a small infestation of bugs or other pests without suffering much damage. However, larger infestations might need attention from an arborist or exterminator, or might indicate it’s time for tree removal services in Boston. As an example, termites infesting a tree might eventually make their way to your home; rather than risking severe property damage, you might consider Boston tree removal in that case.

Along with seeing bugs and pests collecting at a tree base, note that woodpeckers eating away at a tree often indicate an infestation, as woodpeckers might be trying to get at those tasty insects inside its trunk or branches! Look for what are called emergence holes or entry points along a tree’s trunk or base as well.

3. Schedule Tree Removal in Boston for Dead or Decaying Trees

Large, dead branches along a tree’s crown pose so much danger when they snap and fall that they are sometimes called “widow makers”! Along with the risk of injury, those dead or decaying branches can cause thousands of dollars in property damages should they land on vehicles, a structure’s roof, cables and wires, and other such features.

Branches are also not the only risk when it comes to dead and decaying trees. If a tree trunk is overly dry, the tree itself can split or simply topple over, often without warning. This also risks severe injury and property damage to anyone or anything in the vicinity, and leaves a large, unsightly mess as well! To avoid these risks, schedule Boston tree removal if you notice lots of dead branches and especially if the entire tree seems dry and lopsided or is already splitting along its trunk.

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4. Check for Overhead Lines and Nearby Obstructions Around Your Tree

If a tree on your property is growing underneath power lines or cables, or is starting to grow over a fence, garage, house, or your neighbor’s property, it’s vital that you invest in regular Boston tree services for proper pruning. Don’t wait until branches get overly close to those overhead or nearby obstructions; remember that a strong gust of wind can blow branches right into those lines or knock them down and onto property below!

For homeowners who don’t want to invest in needed pruning every year, you might consider tree removal in Boston instead. Removing the tree altogether, or relocating it to a safer area of your property, means calling for pruning services only as needed to keep the tree healthy and not having to worry about branches growing into or falling onto those obstructions or other property.

5. Ugly Tree? In the Way? Call for Boston Tree Removal!

While most homeowners would agree that trees are beautiful and add lots of charm and appeal to any property, a homeowner simply might not appreciate the look of a certain tree in their yard! An overly thin tree might seem out of place and do little to enhance your view, or you might not enjoy the appearance of a weeping willow, evergreen, or other such species.

Some trees also offer little color during autumn months or might shed too many leaves, creating a mess. Large trees with thick branches and leaves might also block your view of the horizon or create too much shade over your home, for a dim and dull interior.

Whatever the case, note that there’s no reason you should need to live with a tree you don’t love! A Boston arborist might suggest replacing that tree with something more suited to your tastes, that offers more or less shade, or that otherwise enhances your property rather than detracts from it. Boston tree removal services also allow you to have a better view of your yard overall so you can then decide if shrubs, small landscaping trees, decorative hardscaping, or other such details are a better fit for your space.

Why Avoid DIY Trimming and Tree Removal in Boston

Once you know it’s time for trimming or tree removal in Boston, why call a professional rather than trying to manage this work yourself? One vital consideration is that even a small tree can cause severe injury and tremendous property damage if it should fall in a direction you don’t expect! There are tricks and techniques to avoiding such risks and ensuring safe tree removal, and a tree removal professional has no doubt perfected those techniques over the years.

Proper tree trimming is also vital for ensuring the tree stays healthy, while improper pruning methods might actually bruise or otherwise damage a tree! To keep trees healthy while protecting the rest of your property, rely on a professional Greater Boston tree service as needed.


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