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Tree Removal Boston: 5 Reasons to Receive Professional Help

July 10, 2021

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Tree removal in Boston is not a DIY job! Even if you’re removing a small landscaping tree and consider yourself somewhat skilled with everyday tools, and have experience being on a ladder, it’s always best to leave this work to professionals.

Before you stock up on tree cables and start sharpening the blades of your chainsaw, you might note 5 good reasons to get tree removal help in Boston from the experts. This will ensure your safety and that of your property, and that the job will get done right the first time!

1. Tree Removal In Boston Risks Property Damage

tree removal professional in Boston

If you’ve ever watched an online video of someone chopping down a tree only to see it fall in a completely unexpected direction and end up on their car or house, you know the risks of amateur tree removal in Boston! Even with bracing, cabling, and other precautions, felled tree trunks and limbs can often fall in a completely unexpected direction, putting nearby structures and other property at risk.

Professional tree removal contractors know how to minimize this risk, often cutting down upper branches to reduce the tree’s overall size and weight. This allows them better control of the tree’s movement as it’s being cut. Various cutting techniques also help control the tree’s movement, reducing the risk of property damage.

2. Pulling Up Roots Also Risks Property Damage

If you need to pull up roots from a tree rather than just cutting down the trunk, this can also risk expensive property damage. Roots often wrap themselves around underground pipes and cables or might cling to foundation concrete. Simply pulling up those roots can mean dislodging those pipes or leaving behind chips and cracks along foundation surfaces.

A tree removal company in Boston will typically assess tree roots before removing a tree, and then prune or trim back those roots as needed. This avoids expensive damage and costly foundation and plumbing repairs down the road.

3. Boston Tree Removal Can Mean Serious Injury!

Along with expensive property damage, improper tree cutting and removal techniques can result in serious injury. Being on a ladder is precarious on its own; trying to manage heavy, sharp tools at the same time makes it even more so! Falls can result in broken bones and internal injuries, while those sharp tools can also mean severe cuts.

boston tree service

Limbs falling out from under you, or tree trunks sliding in an unexpected direction are also dangerous if not downright deadly. Rather than risking injury to yourself or anyone in the vicinity, leave this work to professionals!

4. Improper Tree Removal Can Damage the Soil

Trees have a tremendous impact on soil health; roots hold moisture in the ground while also helping prevent erosion. Note, too, that larger trees need more room to grow, so they take up more space in the soil.

In turn, tree removal itself will leave behind a large excavation that can upset the soil’s condition easily. The larger the excavation, the more soil disruption; property owners might also make that excavation worse by digging around a tree or stump, for easier removal.

A professional tree removal contractor in Boston will have access to heavy-duty equipment that makes tree removal quick and less disruptive. He or she will also have the knowhow needed to ensure minimal soil disruption and can often recommend the best means of repairing that soil and ensuring its overall condition.

5. A Tree Removal Contractor in Boston Offers Expert Advice!

Most tree removal companies in Boston do more than just remove trees; they are often experts in tree care! A tree services contractor can offer advice needed for keeping a tree you love but which is struggling to thrive, or for removing a tree and its stump safely. For example, you might assume that a leaning tree needs removal, but a tree care expert might suggest cabling and trimming, to help the tree grow upright again.

boston tree service

Your tree removal contractor might also suggest cutting the tree and then stump grinding, rather than digging up the tree. Grinding, as the term implies, grinds up the wood of the stump into chips or sawdust. The roots left behind then typically die away; this gets the tree and its stump out of the way without a messy excavation.

Boston Tree Service is happy to bring this information to our customers and explain 5 reasons why it’s good to call the pros when you need tree removal in Boston. For expert tree removal, pruning, trimming, and stump grinding, turn to our expert Boston tree service contractors. We have over 20 years of industry experience and guarantee a safe job you can trust. To find out more or to schedule your FREE consultation, give us a call today.

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